Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Construction Has Nearly Halted

Sorry to say I've become stalled in the continued construction of this blog. There are many reasons, chief among them is the new ABAD I'm curating. It is eating up more and more of my non-existent spare time.

I had a wonderful conversation with the godfather of ABAD, Matthew Rose (so cool that he called me from Paris!) and he had lots of excellent ideas. He also made me feel a little less panicky. For now.

One of his great ideas was to put the show on Kickstarter, a website that raises money for art projects. It dawned on me that in the past two years, no one has expanded the ABAD Universe to include music. So I have the big ambition to get a real live New Orleans Funeral Jazz Band to play at the reception but, alas, they cost $$$. So I've been hard at work getting 'The Ties That Bind' up and running on the fundraising site. Which is exactly like making another website. Again.

And then I have to practice coptic bookbinding...