New Calls of Interest

Another Continent to be Conquered by ABAD
Heather Matthew and Julie Barratt are bringing ABAD to Australia in 2013!

The show is scheduled to open at the Tweed River Art Gallery in Murwillumbah, Australia on October 13, 2013. 

Click here for the artists's call and join the fun down under.


New Open Call for Long Island, NY Artists
The Last Book of Small Art is a new project specifically for Long Island, NY artists, led by Dave Rogers. He puts forth this mission statement:

"In this overwhelming digital age of mass media, mass production rarely do we see a large collection of small fine art published in a printed book for all to see and collect. While there is no doubt that the digital age is able to bring us art at a reasonable cost and spread to a much larger audience, there is no substitute for seeing the original works of art collected in one place. “The Last Book of Small Works of Art on Long Island” is meant to bring together a collection of small fine arts of living artists on Long Island together into one place."

I have signed on to hand bind the book, similar to what I did for the "ABAD: The Ties that Bind" Exhibition in Bay Shore, NY in 2011. Come on out and play! 


Nov 10 - Dec 10, 2011

Click here for more information
at the Almendra Sandoval Quetzalcoatl Feathersnake Gallery, Seattle Washington, USA .


Almendra Sandoval

3209 Beacon Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98144  USA

In the spirit of the NYC exhibition, artists are asked to create a "page" for the unbound book about death. The art exhibited in Seattle will be archived in the permanent gallery collection. The art will be available for future exhibition opportunities to share the Seattle pages from the global unbound book about death.

The Rules:

1) Send one two dimensional postcard, print or artwork in any media framed or unframed to exhibit in the gallery.
2) The art needs to have the words "A Book About Death" in any language somewhere on the front.
3) The size may range from 10.16 cm x 15.24 cm (the smallest size) 4"x6" to 20.32 cm x 25.4 cm (the largest size) 8"x10"

OPTIONAL: You may produce 100 10.16 cm x 15.24 cm 4"x6" prints, photocopies or postcards of artwork, with any artist information (biography & contact) printed on the back. These cards will be available for gallery visitors. Almendra Sandoval will save any remaining cards to distribute in appropriate venues to promote ABAD artists.

4) The gallery will not accept any art that has customs/delivery fees or postage due.

5) Deadline for art to arrive at gallery:

10pm October 31, 2011

6) Email jpeg for A Book About Death Seattle blog. Send artist's name, website or blog links and jpeg of image to: for posting on A Book About Death Seattle blog

7) Kathleen McHugh and Herb Sundvall, blog administrators, will post artwork and artist information on the blog as soon as jpeg is received, and confirmation of the work at the gallery will be posted on the blog when received by the gallery.