Friday, February 25, 2011



I became aware of the new calls only with the Museum of Modern Art, Wales exhibition undertaken by Sonja Benskin-Mesher. Sonja set this show apart in a number of interesting ways. 

She installed her late husband's chair in the gallery space. She also opened a box of cards from the original exhibition at the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery in a quiet, almost ceremonial fashion. Then, each artist was listed in a "Book of the Living," which became part of the exhibition. Along with a full installation of the works from New York, MoMA Wales included nearly all the posters from previous shows, and several hundred new works created especially for this exhibition.

The show ran until May 8, at which time the MoMA UK acquired it for their Permanent Collection. Below is the piece I did expressly for this show. It was exhibited along with my art from the first ABAD in NYC.

My Egyptian Book of the Dead piece created expressly for the UK show.
I took that photo of the Temple of Dendur (MY Temple) at the Met in NYC.

My 2009 Tibetan Book of the Dead piece at the MoMA UK show, 
in the red box, upper left of the wall.


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