Monday, March 14, 2011


7/31 – 8/22/2010

I made it a point after the UK show to keep up on all things ABAD. I began to generate new work unique to each new call. Louise Millmann and Rob Gilmer opened "ABAD Omaha: 'Till Death Due Us Part" at the RNG Gallery in Nebraska. They had the participation of 107 artists from around the world.

I created a show poster and two postcards– one dedicated to my grandparents (who raised me) and one for my sweet father in law who recently passed. This was the first time that I sent work of a more personal nature, exploring the deaths of people who were very dear to me. 

I found the photo for my poster in a big box of vintage family pictures given to me by my mother in law. Unfortunately, she had no idea who they were, only that somehow, we were connected.

I used a gorgeous vintage photo for this poster that was in a 
big old box of photos. This was a real wedding! (minus the skull faces...)

This card is about my wonderful grandparents, Cosmo and Anna. 
Even though I was lucky to have them with me long enough to 
meet their second great-grandchild (my son, Dylan), I still miss them every day.

This is my amazing father in law, Joseph, who was a decorated
Purple Heart Koran War Vet and quiet guy with a wicked sense of humor.

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